Motion Laboratory

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Oral Presentation at Cyberworlds 2020 @Online 2020.10.30
  • Asako Soga, Bin Umino, Motoko Hirayama: Experimental Creation of Dance by Professional Choreographers Using a Body-part Motion Synthesis System
| CW2020 |
Oral Presentation at HCI International 2020 @Online 2020.7.10
  • Asako Soga, Takuzi Suzuki: VR Appreciation System for Fountain Pens and Analysis of User Behaviors in Museum Exhibition
| HCI International 2020 |
Poster Presentation at VRCAI 2019 @Brisbane, Australia 2019.11.14
  • Asako Soga: Creation and Live Performance of Dance and Music Based on a Body-part Motion Synthesis System
| VRCAI 2019 |
Oral Presentation at Generative art, Futuring Past @Rome, Italy 2019.6.7
  • Asako Soga, Masahito Shiba, Takuzi Suzuki: Body-part Motion Synthesis System for Discovery Learning of Dance: Dance Creation Experiments with Students in Three Countries
| Generative art |