Motion Laboratory

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  • Our goal is to develop useful tools for dance education and creation by using human motion data obtained from professional dancers. We have been developing software systems for education and creation of dance using motion capture data. We have worked on processing of dance motion 3D data since 2000, and our research group has archived motion data of classical ballet, contemporary dance, hip-hop dance, rhythmic gymnastics, Japanese Noh, and Ryukyu dance. In recent years, we have been developing choreography simulation systems which run on VR environment as well as tablets and smartphones. We have also attempting collaborative composition of live stage performances employing CG animation and interactive techniques.
  • dance, motion capture, animation, CG, interface, contents, VR, AR, database, e-learning, creation, analysis, art, game
  • Asako SOGA, PhD
  • Associate Professor, Ryukoku University
  • 1-5 Yokotani, Oe-cho, Seta, Otsu, 520-2194
  • Mail : asako (at)