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Dance Performance Using BMSS and VR System @Tokyo, Japan 2023.1.13-14
  • Advanced Choreography Final - Exploring New Choreographies Using Computers
  • Asako Soga, Takumu Matsushita: Presentation about Choreography Simulation System and VR System
| Advanced Choreography Final |
Oral Presentation at Movement and Computing @Chicago, USA 2022.6.24
  • Asako Soga, Bin Umino, Motoko Hirayama: Experimental Creation of Contemporary Dance Works Using a Body-part Motion Synthesis System
| MOCO'22 |
Poster Presentation at NICOGRAPH International 2022 @Online 2022.6.4-5
  • Takumu Matsushita, Asako Soga: Prototype System of Dance Movement Creation by VR Experience of Augmented Human Body
| NICOGRAPH International 2022 |