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  • K. Watanabe : Effect of Fake Heart Sounds on Anxiety While Experiencing High-Altitude VR Content
  • Y. Kamiya : OpenPose Analysis of Shooting Form for Free Throws in Basketball
  • Y. Nakauchi : Abstraction and Visualization of Movement to Support Understanding of Physical Movements of CG Character
  • K. Nakakubo : OpenPose Analysis of Body Angle and Throwing Distance in Soccer Long Throw Motion
  • T. Hirakida : Interface to Edit Time and Space Parameters for Creating Dance Movements Using VR Controllers
  • K. Mizushima : Investigation into Effect of Delayed Vision in VR Space on Sense of Body Ownership for Tracking Inputs around The Mouth
  • Y. Miyakubo : Proposal of 3D Puzzle System for Understanding the Structure of Objects in VR Space
  • S. Mori : VR System to Support the Evaluation and Mastery of Badminton Smash
  • W. Song : Visualization of a Statue of Prince Shotoku and an Experiential VR Theater for Enhanced Understanding
  • [M] N. Sakaguchi : Analysis of Human Body Features for Machine Learning and Application for Content Using Dance Motion Archive
  • [M] T. Yano : A Real-time Visualization System for the Body Motion Using Muscle Analysis Data and a VR Device
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| 2023 abstract |
  • K. Isihda : Interactive Editing System for Choreography and Travelling-Path Animation Using AR Markers
  • J. Imai : Choreographic Motion-Transformation System Using Spatial Features of Human Motion Data
  • R. Okada : Effect of Delayed Vision on Sense of Self Using VR Controller Input
  • R. Okamoto : Real-Time Judgment System for Joy and Sadness Based on Body Posture Input
  • M. Tsuda : Practice System for Tennis Strokes by Pitch Type Using VR and Machine Learning
  • S. Nosaka : Interactive Editing System for Choreography and Travelling-Path Animation Using AR Markers
  • S. Fukuda : Interactive System with Interlocking Control of Multiple CG Characters Using Kinect
  • N. Matsukawa : Investigation of Feature Values for Using OpenPose to Determine Snowboard Turn Proficiency
  • W. Yasumura : CG Contents to Support Understanding of Lacrosse Passing Motion
  • [M] T. Hagihara : Motion Archive and Description System for Reproducing Ryukyu Dance Performance
  • [M] T. Matsushita : Construction of Base Systems for Dance Movement Creation Using Human Animation and VR Technologies
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| 2022 abstract |
  • S. Uehara : A Joystick-type Input System that is Easy to Operate for Physical Disability Persons
  • K. Kitamura : Discrimination of Hand Posture and Synthesis to Human-body Motion for CG Representation of Ryukyu Dance
  • Y. Kugo : Integrated Simulation System for Simple Visualization of Yosakoi Performance
  • K. Kobayashi : 3D Virtual Fitting System for Supporting a Museum Exhibit of the Sarira Casket
  • N. Sakaguchi : Creation of AR Contents Linked to the Actual Exhibit of the Casket and its Operation at Museum
  • Y. Tomita : Proposal for CG contents to support learning of rugby tackling form
  • A. Nakayama : Continuous Dog Training Experience by Gesture Recognition Using Kinect
  • T. Yano : System for Visualizing Muscle Activity Using Body-Motion Input and Muscle Analysis Data
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| 2021 abstract |
  • T. Itohara : CG Expression of Nunchaku Performance by Motion Capture
  • A. Endo : Development of a System for Design and Try-on Experience of Japanese Kimono in VR
  • H. Koyanagi : Proposal of a Dance Choreography Creation System by Remote Collaboration
  • S. Tanaka : Interface Using Roll-out Image for VR Exhibition of Cultural Property
  • Y. Tsuchida : Chunibyo Thinking Experience System by Gesture Recognition and CG Expression
  • T. Hagihara : Ryukyu Dance Performance Authoring System Using an AR Headset
  • T. Matsushita : System for Joining Body-part Motions Using Reinforcement Learning
  • T. Matsumura : Analysis of Choreography Combinations with Time-series Information
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| 2020 abstract |
  • R. Asao : System for Appreciating 3DCG and Rollout Images of Maki-e Fountain Pens Using VR
  • A. Ono : Traveling Control System for Group Dance Formation
  • R. Kitai : Analysis of Dance Choreography Combinations Using Random Forest
  • Y. Kudo : Analysis of Use of Body-part Motion Synthesis System in Choreographer's Dance Creation
  • T. Tanaka : A System to Experience Basic Action of Kendo Using VR and Body Movement
  • S. Nakama : System to Visualize Walking Motion Using 3DCG
  • T. Miyabe : Comparisons of Practice Swing Motions in Baseball by Motion Capture
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| 2019 abstract |
  • K. Imuro : VR Simulator for Learning First Aid
  • T. Ueda : Motion Analysis of Pedaling Form for a Road Bike with Elbows on the Handlebars
  • K. Kohno : Choreography Simulation System of Phyllium Dance Using Motion Data
  • F. Kohmi : Shorinji Kempo Pair Performance Creation System
  • N. Komi : VR Simulator for Pair Performance of Shorinji Kempo
  • M. Tsujimura : Play-support System for Carrom Games Using Leap Motion
  • M. Nagai : VR Simulator for Understanding Causes of Children's Indoor Accidents
  • K. Fukuoka : Behavioral Experience System with Japanese Kimono Using VR
  • M. Fukutomi : Learning Support System for Artificial Limbs Using AR
  • K. Fujinaga : Interactive Kimono Simulation Using CG and Human Body Motion
  • K. Yoshida : Motorcycle-driving Simulator Using a Gesture Controller
  • [M] S. Nakadaira : A Study on Visualization of Motion Characteristics Using Motion Data
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| 2018 abstract |
  • I. Fukumoto : Using Motion Data to Compare Rotational Motions of a Ball by Different Kicking Methods
  • H. Tanimukai : Interactive Content of Shari Casket Using Motion Data and AR
  • A. Asai : Using System Log Data to Analyze User Behaviors in Museum Exhibitions
  • T. Ojimo : Group Dance Simulation System of Yosakoi Using Motion Data
  • K. Kinou : Comparison of Pedaling Forms for a Load Bike Using Motion Data
  • K. Shigehara : VR Simulator that Presents Physical Sense of Bouldering
  • Y. Hosoda : Road Bike Accident Simulator Using HMD and Sensor Technologies
  • M. Yoshihara : Rehabilitation Exercise Promotion Game by Posture Recognition Using Kinect
  • Y. Watabe : Superimposed Display System for Hand-drawn Information Using Smart Glasses
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| 2017 abstract |
  • R. Tanaka : CG Reproduction of a Folding Fan by Motion Capture
  • R. Kitamura : Computer-aided Sugoroku Games in the Edo Period Using Interactive Techniques for Museum Exhibits
  • K. Kimoto : Route Simulation System of Nerikuyo Using 3DCG
  • S. Tomita : Exhibition-support System for Maki-e Fountain Pens using HMD and Pen-type Device
  • S. Nakadaira : Motion Analysis of Windmill Pitching in Softball by Motion Capture
  • T. Hirai : Calculation of Joint Positions and Analysis of Feature Values Using Ballet Motion Data
  • C. Honda : 3DCG Reproduction of Fountain Pens Utilizing Museum's Existing Archives
  • K. Mori : Simulation System for Crime Prevention Using 3DCG
  • H. Yamamoto : Shorinji Kempo's Solo Performance Creation System Using Motion Data
  • [M] Y. Yazaki : Automatic Synthesizing System of Choreography for Supporting Contemporary Dance Creation
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| 2016 abstract |
  • T. Ichida : Virtual Experience System for Learning Japanese Shrine Manners using HMD and Leap Motion
  • S. Uefuji : Learning Contents of Handball Team Play by Motion Capture
  • K. Sumida : Simulation System of Buddhist Ceremonial Procession Using VR Technologies
  • S. Taguchi : Motion Analysis of Boxing by Motion Capture
  • Y. Tomimasu : Simulation System of Sliding Door Arrangements to Support Museum Exhibitions
  • T. Nishijima : Creation-and-play System of Shomyo Musical Scores Using a Tablet
  • T. Nomura : Choreography Synthesis System by Inputting Body-part Motions Using a Kinect
  • N. Fujita : Walk-through System for a Temple Using HMD and Leap Motion
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| 2015 abstract |
  • T. Kadokawa : Furniture Layout Simulation System Using a Tablet
  • R. Konishi : A Visualization System of Buddhist Song Scale by Voice Input
  • M. Nishizawa : Visualization System of Human Characteristics for Analyzing Classical Ballet Motion
  • R. Watanabe : Dance Movement Creation System by Voice Input and Body-part Motion Combination
  • S. Komori : Learning Support Content of Juggling by Motion Capture
  • K. Jimu : Automatic Generation System for Hip-hop Dance by Quantification of Choreographic Structure
  • M. Tokuda : Retrieval System of Motion Data by Human Pose Input Using a Kinect
  • A. Nakahigashi : A Walk-through System in 3D Space Using Kinect
  • Y. Yazaki : System for Automatic Creation of Choreography by Synthesizing Body-part Motions
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| 2014 abstract |
  • Y. Ijima : A Retrieval System of Human Body Postures Using a Kinect Device
  • M. Tatekawa : A 3D Interactive Interior Simulation System
  • K. Tsuda : A System for Generating Choreography on-demand Using Dance Motion
  • Y. Niwa : A Virtual Fitting System of a Buddhist Ceremonial Procession to Support a Museum Exhibit
  • I. Aziz Anjani : A System to Process Human Body Motions Using Touch-operated Control Points
Interior Simulation Automatic Composition Virtual Fitting Motion Editing
| 2013 abstract |
  • Y. Kinutani : Development of Virtual Etoki System Using TVML
  • K. Kinoshita : Proposal of an Interface for Browsing Digital Archives Using WebGL
  • M. Sakurai : Analysis of Classical Ballet Solo Dances Using Motion Data and Music Data
  • Y. Shibahara : Stereoscopy CG Expression of Dancer Drawn on Casket by Motion Capture
  • K. Takeda : Analysis of Ballet Arabesque Movement Using Motion Data and Floor Reaction Force Data
  • Y. Namba : 3DCG Interior Designer: A Simulation System for Living Space Using a Tablet
  • K. Fujita : Proposal of a Game to Promote Exercise Using Multiple Acceleration Sensors
  • S. Horita : CG Reproduction of Rhythmic Gymnastics Hoop Movement by Motion Capture and a Physical Model
  • S. Matsumoto : A Motion Synthesis System with a Tablet for Supporting Dance Creation
  • K. Murachi : A Retrieval System for the Basic Steps of Hip-Hop Dance
  • K. Yamanoe : Research on Human Body CG Characters for Learning Hip-hop Dance
  • F. Yoshii : Visualization of Learning Support Elements for Hip-hop Dance with Onomatopoeia and CG Objects
  • [M] I. Yoshida : Simulation System for Dance Groups Using Game Devices
Virtual Etoki Motion Synthesis Motion & Force Analysis Diet Game
| 2012 abstract |
  • K. Kasahara : Analysis of Rotation Movement in Ballet using Motion Data from Different Dates
  • S. Kokubo : Distinguishing of Leg Motions in Noh by Machine Learning Using Acceleration Data
  • S. Konishi : An Interactive Dance Motion Viewer with a Virtual Idol on the Web
  • K. Sakamoto : A Retrieval System for Ballet Steps Using Body Translation Information
  • M. Fukutomi : A Simulation System for Stage Performances Using TVML
  • S. Mabuchi : Comparison of Dance Motions Based on Principal Component Analysis for Body-part Angles
  • [M] Y. Kohno : A Support System for Choreography Creation by Body-part Motion Synthesis Using Motion Data
  • [M] K. Fujita : A Study of CG Expression with Motion Data for Stage Production and Content Creation
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| 2011 abstract |
  • I. Yoshida : Simulation of Dancing Group Formation with a Game Pad
  • M. Nishino :An Interactive Performance System Using Jerk Data of Noh Dance
  • H. Hayashi : Comparison of Ballet Skills Based on Principal Component Analysis Using Motion Data from Different Dates
  • [M] T. Matsuoka : Feature Analysis of Dance Motion Based on PCA Using 3-dimensional Motion Data
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| 2010 abstract |
  • K. Sugie : Comparison of Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance Using Principal Component Analysis
  • Y. Kohno : A System for Simulating Motion by Synthesis with a Floor-contact Restriction on Human Body Section
  • K. Fujita : Applying 3-dimentional Motion Data from the Human Body to Plant Objects
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| 2009 abstract |
  • Y. Ohta : System for Controlling Human Body Animation with a Multi-touch Device
  • D. Kajiki : Learning and Simulating System for Ballet Pieces Using Web3D Technologies
  • T. Matsuoka : A Retrieval System for Ballet Steps Using 3-dimensional Motion Data
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| 2008 abstract |
  • Y. Kinoshita : Interactive Rhythmic Gymnastics Rule Book Using Web3D Technologies
  • K. Hashimoto : Ballet-pose Analysis Using 3D Coordinate Information
  • H. Fujiwara : Real-time CG Control System Using a Touch-panel Device
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| 2006 abstract |